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Round One: Multi-Fandom
Eliza (red)
aaronlisa wrote in drabbletree
Welcome to the first round of drabbletree. This round will be multi-fandom, meaning that authors can write for any fandom that they wish. Round One will last for a week, which means it will end at 9:30PM PST on Monday August 17th. Please be sure to visit the rules before participating.

The theme for Round One will be endings as suggested by afteriwake. Each drabble written for this round should incorporate this theme. As well, each participant must leave a prompt of some sort at the end of their drabble. This prompt should be non-fandom specific, however it can relate to the theme, it can be a lyric, a song title, a colour or a word.

When commenting, please include the fandom, pairing, rating and prompt that you are replying to in the subject line.

If you have any questions, please refer to the Round One question post.

Angel; Cordelia (implied Cordelia/Angel); FR13

Leaving Sunnydale had been hard, but leaving Los Angeles had been even harder for Cordelia Chase. When she had been younger, she couldn’t wait to leave Sunnydale and become a famous actress. Los Angeles had always been the place where she thought that she would escape and become the person she had always dreamt she’d be. Cordelia had certainly escaped from Sunnydale but instead of becoming an actress she started dreaming new dreams. Her dreams now included saving people, kissing Angel, and being someone who wasn’t a vapid and vain little girl who thought that the world should revolve around her. Saying goodbye to Angel after setting him on the right track was harder than she had imagined it would and it tore her heart to pieces. She knew that he still needed her and that she still needed him but in the end it wasn’t meant to be.

Prompt: cinnamon

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Firefly/Serenity, Inara (one-sided Mal/Inara), PG - wish I could find a way to disappear

Thanks! I actually really liked writing that one.

It was amazing how the choices of others could clarify things for you better than any choice you'd ever made for yourself.

Companions weren't supposed to fall in love, and moreover, she never wanted to fall in love with him, but it seemed that the old adage that the heart wants what the heart wants couldn't have been more true. And for some reason, her heart wanted Mal Reynolds. It was irrational, and illogical, just like he was, and she was sure that if she didn't do her best to ignore it entirely, she would greatly appreciate the irony.

The problem, however, didn't lie just in the fact that she was in love with an impossible man; she was in love with a man who didn't love her back. Finding Mal coming out of Nandi's room made that sign all the clearer and there was nothing she could do about that. She knew that in the end, the decision was made for her. This was the end of her time at Serenity.

For now, though, she just wanted to cry and see if she could make herself disappear.

Prompt: gone but not forgotten

CSI: NY, Stella/Hawkes, PG - gone but not forgotten

She didn't even jump when his arms dropped around her shoulders from behind. Her eyes closed for a moment as she felt his breath at her ear.

"Gonna come to bed?" Hawkes asked. Stella nodded. Words were failing her at the moment. Hawkes tipped his head up to look out the window with her, at the ever-awake city night. "We're all gonna miss her, Stell."

"I know," she said softly.

His arms tightened against her. "And it isn't fair."

"I know."

"What can I do for you?" He asked with a soft sigh.

"Nothing," she replied in a small voice. "I just...can't stop thinking that she'll never walk into the lab again." He kissed the side of her head gently. She leaned into the touch as she felt tears spring to her eyes. There had been too much death in too short of a time span. One death was always too much.

Stella didn't really have family, so she created it around herself instead. Each loss felt like a slammed door in her face, because the fact of the matter was, there would never be another Jessica Angell.

"I know," he whispered against her ear, despite the fact that she hadn't said a word.

prompt: whiskey lullaby

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Supernatural, Sam Winchester, PG - whiskey lullaby

His brother was dead.

Every time it came to mind, the thought landed with a heavy plunk! in his stomach, and the thought never didn't come to mind. It hit him every time he got in the car, every time he woke up alone, every time he went to pick up the phone because it should have been Dean calling, and it wasn't. Dean was dead, and he was never going to call him again.

It wasn't as though Sam hadn't tried. He'd done what every Winchester before him had done -- he put his soul up on the auction block, but no demon seemed to want to bite. Offer after offer, and each one ending with a dead demon in front of him and no end in sight. All he wanted was his brother back. Why was that too much to ask? The rest of the demonic community seemed to want him dead anyway, why not guarantee it?

His thumb ran over the cold edge of the bottle of whiskey in his hand, and he decided that he was done trying. He was just going to drink himself into the easiest stupor he could and silently will the pain to come to an end. If the demons weren't willing to do it for him, and the angels didn't exist, than he was just going to have to end it his own way.

His head hit the bar and he closed his eyes, hoping that in the morning, he wouldn't have to wake up and feel that thought hit the pit of his stomach again.

Prompt: you and me

Burn Notice/Supernatural, Michael (implied Michael/Bela), PG- you and me

It took a long time for the anger and shock to wear off, but eventually it did, leaving Michael feeling lost in a way he hadn't known before. He pushed it behind himself of course, because he had a job to do and a life to live.

That life just wasn't going to include her anymore.

And with each client he helped, each potential saved life, he screamed inside his head a reminder that he hadn't saved her. Regardless if she would have let him try or not.

He'd learn to live with it. Learning to deal with the blows and keep going was something he had been doing his whole life.

It still kept him up nights, though. The thought of all that it was he lost when she died, and everything that he didn't lose, everything they hadn't gotten to yet. He'd seen that look in her eyes, a look he was sure he mirrored back; a look that there was something there between them. More than sex, more than the games, and it was something Michael was never going to get to figure out.

There had been a possibility of them, but now it was just him, and he was trying his best to accept that and move on.

prompt: with a little help from my friends

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Eureka, Allison (mentions of Allison/Stark), PG - gone but not forgotten

She'd never forget him, she thought to herself as she put her hand on her ever expanding stomach. Carter had told her everything, about how Nathan had sacrificed himself to save everyone, but most importantly to save her. Little did he know he'd be saving their unborn child as well.

It would be hard, raising two boys on her own, especially one with Kevin's problems. But she would manage, and every time she'd look at her beautiful baby boy or girl, she hoped she'd be blessed to see Nathan in him or her. Especially Nathan's eyes...she had always loved staring into his eyes, and to see them on their child's face would fill her with such happiness.

So yes, Nathan was not going to be there, but at least she would never forget him, and she hoped to tell their child everything about their father, the hero.

Prompt: Irish whiskey

Heroes, Peter Petrelli, PG - Irish whiskey

He never was a whiskey man before Ireland, but afterward he found that he sort of liked it. There was this nice subtle burn to it that went down smooth and easy. He didn't drink it often, mostly when either he was hoping to feel nothing at all or when he felt there was something to celebrate, and those occasions, especially as of late, didn't come up all that often.

Now -- he wasn't quite sure which occasion this was.

This was the start of a new chapter. A chance for them to rebuild and start fresh again, to try and help people like them. To have a world where people with abilities could walk down the street and not worry about being kidnapped or killed or attacked for a thing they couldn't control and this time around, they thought they could do it. Peter was astounded by the way history repeated itself, but this time, everyone seemed confident that they could learn from their mistakes.

Sylar was gone. The companies were gone and the violent government witch hunt was over. Peter's family was together again, and he felt that he should be happier than he was, but there was something about this whole situation that made Peter think that he had lost something -- irreplaceable. And for that, he could celebrate completely.

He picked up the glass, swallowed the burn, and decided, for once, that even though he was celebrating, this was an occasion for feeling nothing at all as well.

Prompt: through the years

Cliff Angell, CSI: NY, PG - through the years

He'd been so proud of his little girl. Was up until the very day she was murdered. She had been a tomboy growing up, getting into softball and spending her time with her friends playing pick-up games in the street. When she'd gotten older the more feminine side had come out, and with it came his protective instincts and those of her brothers.

But when it had come to Don Flack, Jr. he'd known he would take care of his little girl. He hadn't worried in the slightest when she talked about how serious things were getting between them. It was like she was reliving the best moments of all the high school and college relationships she'd had, and he'd never been happier than to see her floating on cloud nine.

He should have known it was too good to last, though, and when she died he'd been happy that Flack had been there in as many of her last moments as the doctors would allow. He was a good man...his daughter had chosen well. And over the years, he'd learned to trust her judgement.

Prompt: boom

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