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Round One Poll
Eliza (red)
If you guys could take a few moments to vote in the poll under the cut. It's in regards to having a feedback post for you all and what we might do for the second round.

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This poll will close in a few days.
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Round One: Multi-Fandom
Eliza (red)
Welcome to the first round of drabbletree. This round will be multi-fandom, meaning that authors can write for any fandom that they wish. Round One will last for a week, which means it will end at 9:30PM PST on Monday August 17th. Please be sure to visit the rules before participating.

The theme for Round One will be endings as suggested by afteriwake. Each drabble written for this round should incorporate this theme. As well, each participant must leave a prompt of some sort at the end of their drabble. This prompt should be non-fandom specific, however it can relate to the theme, it can be a lyric, a song title, a colour or a word.

When commenting, please include the fandom, pairing, rating and prompt that you are replying to in the subject line.

If you have any questions, please refer to the Round One question post.

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Question Post
Eliza (red)
Do you have a question about a round at drabbletree, then this is the post to ask for clarification.

Power lines
Here drabbletree we have some simple rules.

01. Only a moderator or someone invited by a moderator can start a drabble tree. If you have an idea for a drabble tree, please see this post where you can make requests.

02. Once a drabble tree has been started, members can revisit it at any time, even if after a new drabble tree has started. You can view the Master List at this post.

03. We do not accept RPF/RPS or incest. That said, unless the rules of a particular drabble tree state otherwise, we do allow slash, femslash, genderbending, crossovers and pretty much everything else.

04. Drabbles must be a minimum of 100 words in length. (LJ has a maxium of 4300 characters for a comment.)

05. If a drabble is for a specific fandom, all characters from that fandom are allowed.

06. Members are more than welcome to crosspost their fics, however their fic must be posted as comment in the drabble tree.

07. This goes without saying but this is a drama-free community.
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Master List of Drabble Trees
Eliza (red)
This is where you can find the Master List of all of the Drabble Trees.

Request Post
Eliza (red)
This is the request post for drabbletree.

Do you have an idea for a drabble tree? Or would you like to see a drabble tree focusing on a specific fandom or pairing or even character? This is the post to make the request.

Simply leave a comment with your request and a mod will get back to you about said request.